KAi is a digital content creation studio based in Malmö and Göteborg. Our team includes filmmakers, web developers, artists, graphic designers, writers and strategists.

We strive to help those who have something important or urgent to say. New ideas, products or projects that the world need to understand. Social issues or causes that want to be heard. This means that we choose our partners carefully. If we don’t believe in it, we won´t do it. But when we do, we partner up and engage like there's no tomorrow.

We always prioritize artistic integrity and purpose before profit and growth. If the storyteller is invested in the subject matter it will be a good story. Empty advertising and nonsense content is dying. Or at least: We are on a quest to make it obsolete. Simple as that.

KAi is closely connected to the art and performance world. One of our visions is to invest parts of our revenue into daring, radical art projects. By doing this we want to build a funding bridge between the arts and the rest of society. Being an autonumous, high-end body that can generate great content for others, demands a crew who themselves have an intimate relation to great content creation.

Another bright shining star

We are currently on the lookout for talented, motivated, creative spirits willing to join us in our quest to give the world (and our clients) the most vibrant, sincere, meaningful, user-friendly and beautiful content possible.

We’re not particularly interested in titles and diplomas. A vigorous intellect, an interesting personality, life experience and a broad set of creative skills is way more important to us. We care more about what makes you angry, puzzled, happy or totally crazy excited. Who´s your favourite artist or poet? When did you break the rules to get someting urgent done or said?

If you do happen to have a deep area of expertise, with documented experience, that fits any of the following bullet points, we would be extra excited to hear from you:

As a member of KAi you need to be comfortable with communicating your ideas and giving and taking feedback. Our projects are highly collaborative and our project teams typically consist of people from multiple disciplines within KAi and from our clients.

Most of our daily activities are carried out online, so applicants geographically located outside of Malmö, Göteborg or Sweden are also very welcome!

If you like the sound of it, go ahead and send your application to info@kaistudios.se. Please include a personal letter, a list of merits and all other important documentation that you want us to see.